Am I doing the right thing by setting up my friends?

My best guy friend recently confided in me that he is has feelings for this one girl that he and I are both friends with. The three of us tend to hang out together a lot, but lately I've been feeling like a bit of a third wheel because he's been so overly-flirtatious with her, and it puts me in an awkward position as that third friend nobody is interested in.

Regardless, I agreed to help him out as he pursued the girl. I told him I'd find out for him if she might be interested, etc., and so now I'm kind of serving as his wingwoman.

Am I doing the right thing in potentially making myself the third wheel for the sake of my friends' relationship? What should I do? How can I make the best of my position as the wingwoman/third wheel?


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  • What a truly good loyal friend you are.. Much Kudos to you. :)

    • Thanks :) But I'm feeling conflicted about it regardless. I don't want to have to sacrifice too much of my own happiness. These two have recently become some of my favorite people to hang out with, and I'm scared of losing that by helping along their relationship and giving them my blessing.

    • Somehow I think these two lovely friends of yours will not forget you, however I do believe it's maybe time you slowly took more of a back seat for now, and perhaps concentrated a little more on your own happiness.

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  • Your definitely being a fantastic friend and i think they will love you more for it if things work out, i wish other people acted so selfless with their friends jsut to see them happy, but with most girls if they aren't happy, your not happy lol. I think still treat them as your good friends like you always do and i'm sure even when things work out for them you;d still hang out but i guess it would work out better if you hung out seperately with each other than together so you don't feel like the 3rd wheel, it will definitely change the way you used to just hang-out together.

  • You're doing good, currently.

    • So... I'm doing the right thing? Then how should I deal with being the third wheel?

    • There's nothing to do. If you feel so uncomfortable then limit the times you all hang out together.

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