How to kiss a girl?

I think it is weird. Girls what do you want it happen? Why do you fancy about it, where it come from and why? Is it something about movies you have seen or what...
If you have done it than have it was?


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  • Well I would start with a slow lean in. Make sure it's the right time though. You don't want to be eating dinner and launch over the table to kiss her! Also don't be tense or nervous- or else she will be tense and nervous. Be cool, even if you are nervous, pretend like you got this! So, lean into her. Most girls like it when you cup their cheek when they're kissing. (The cheek on her face!) Most people always tilt their head to the right when they kiss, so do that. Start with just your lips on hers. Make it smooth if you can. Then after you get the feel of her mouth, you can start doing some tongue and head tilting action. Every once in awhile, switch your hands from her face to her hips. It's easy don't over think it. :)


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  • Put your lips on her lips.

    • Thank you. And that's it O. O

  • Haven't had my first kiss , neither has my bf. crazy right

    • Thank you for your crazyness.

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