How do I ln if she likes me?

I've known my best girl friend for 16+ years and I really really love her.
A little bit about her-
* speaks 5 languages
* equestrian for 13 years
* spent summers with me and my family in Europe for 16+ years
* Travled Europe with me
* lawyer ( graduated from Harverd Law)
How can I tell if she likes me and then ask her out?


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  • You don't want to be in the friend zone. Have you ever even discussed being something more, or can you feel that there's some kind of mutual feeling there? You can usually tell, even if it's never been properly expressed. It's difficult when you're close, I'd say go for it! She obviously makes you happy, and you might as well put your feelings out there if you've had them for so long!!

    • She had an abusive boyfriend for a while, but after I ended that relationship for her, we talked about being more than friends

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    • sounds like you know her well so it'll be fine, don't put too much pressure on yourself! she likes you anyway

    • Where we are in Italy were kinda snowed in bc were in the mountainous of Cortina

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