Should I date her or walk way please help me?

hey guys and ladies im 21 and this girl is 17 but her dad hates me what should i do by the way i knew her for a few years now please help?

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I live in Florida and the dating law is 16-24 and i don't think we would have problem cuz she hates her dad


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  • Hmm. For me, being in good with her family is important. I wouldn't not want any tension or animosity between her parents and me. Things like that actually causes issues in a relationship that will lead to problems and fights between you and her, trust me! Her dad hates you probably because of your age but I also suspect maybe you didn't give off the greatest first impression either. 4 year age gap really isn't that bad. You can certainly legally date her no problem. It depends on the legal age of consent when it comes to sex and if you have sex that becomes the legal question. Most dads are very loving and protective of their daughters and it can be hard to watch them go off with boyfriends that are a bit older simply because they aren't ready to see their little girls all grown up. He hates you because he doesn't know you. You need to try to re-establish your relationship with him. He could simply hate you because you never man-ed up and simply walked up to him, shook his hand and introduced yourself to him. Maybe what he needs is for you to have a simple man to man conversation and tell him that you care deeply for his daughter, you respect her and will do nothing to ever hurt her. One the other hand, some dads can just be complete jerks and never want their daughters to date anyone, period. If it becomes too much work to maintain the relationship and you have walk on eggshells and sneak around, I would date someone else. You have to remember that since she is only 17 she still has to obey her parents rules. They will be watching over her until she is older or moves out. So like it or not you have to play nice with her parents to get the relationship to work. So if you feel that it is too much work, maybe just be friends for now and try to date again in a couple of years.


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What Girls Said 2

  • You should respect her dad's wishes. Just think if you were in her dad's position.

  • You need to stop until she turns 18. Your relationship isn't legal at all, so thats just more ammo that her dad can use against you. Respect his wishes unless you want to be dealing with the law.


What Guys Said 2

  • Just wait till she's 18 years old. Also try to find out why her dad doesn't like you. Maybe it's cause the age difference or whatever. Maybe try to win him over to get his approval first.

  • I'd find out why her dad hates you, it's prob due to the fact she is 17, although not illegal (for it to be illegal there would have to be a 5 year difference i believe) but i'd wait till she's 18 hen maybe try and persuade her dad