Why doesn't he ask for my number or to hang out?

My friend from work, seems overly happy to see my when he hasn’t seen me in awhile at work, because of our schedules and such I haven’t seen him in a few weeks. And when that’s happened before he always says it’s been so long or forever since he’s seen me. If he wants to see me more often then why doesn’t he ask for my number so we can hang out outside of work? Because unless I am working on the same day as him we never see each other.

I have another guy friend who I haven’t seen in months because of school schedules we never worked on the same day for months until then, and he didn’t make a big deal about not seeing me.


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  • Early on, I always found the straightforward question "Why aren't we dating yet?" helpful, a not-so-gentle hint that I was moving too slowly.

  • "why doesn’t he ask for my number so we can hang out outside of work?"

    Why don't you ask his #?

    • Because he makes a big deal out of not seeing me for awhile, I don't.

    • You're thus less interested in dating than he is. He probably sensed it.

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