Can relationships work even when we got different interests?

so im met this guy and i really like him, but i feel like we dont really have a lot in common. We like each other despite it, but in the long run i dont know if its going to work.
He a country guy, that likes rallycross, and i think we grew up on a farm, But he's so nice, and respectful and i think he wants something serious.
And then you have me. Im a city girl, i work out a lot and i enjoy going to expensive restaurants, and im not really fan of "farm things" lol.
Is it any chance its going to work? Have you ever been or are you in a relationship where your interest/ lifestyle are different and did it work? It's still very early ofc and we might not even come as far as a relationship.


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  • It is definitely possible! As long as two people want to be together they will be, throughout the times you will hang out with each other you guys may learn and enjoy new things each of you bring into the relationship or friendship, even though your life styles may be different, it isn't hard to just try things just for the sake of trying it, and who knows it may not be your thing but you will have fun just because of him etc.

    • that is very true... we live in the same city so he is kinda used to the city life anyway. And its like i mentioned, very early, so who knows? maybe i enjoy rallycross, lol...

    • You'll never know unless you try! and if you don't like it you don't have to do it all the time but if in time he means a lot to you, you'll find yourself just doing things to make him happy xx

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  • Well Yes definitely.
    Having different interests adds something to your relationship.

    But it depends whether both the parties are willing to put aside their differences & work it out , no matter what..

    In your case , it seems that one of the partner will have to adjust to new lifestyle. One cannot live in City while other in countryside.
    Its Hard to change lifestyle for someone.

    In my opinion , i find it difficult that it will work.

    • well we live in the same city and both go to school, but i grew up in the city and he grew up like i mentioned on a farm. So i guess saying we have different lifestyles was taking it a bit too far. And when it comes to interest im a quite open person, so if he ex. wants to take me to see a concert with a band i don't necessarily like i would go

  • Yup it can work... having exactly all the same interests is boring! :)

  • Yes infact its the opposite poles that attract !!!

    • to be honest i dont know if i belive it, or i dont belive its fact for everyone. But i guess i'll find that out in the future if it works for me

    • Depends on many factors... A phrase wirthban answer won't change anything.. Those who mind don't matter those who matter don't mind.. So just chill

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  • No there has to be some common ground otherwise it will always be fights and compromises on what to do and what you want. It sounds like you two are polar opposites.

    • well we have the same kind of humor, so have something in common

    • That is minimal and doesn't count. What activities are you going to do together? Not to mention you both want to live in a different place. Also if he every does something sweet for you it won't be what you want because it's not city girl stuff and will likely be something country.

  • Sometimes, I relationships, different is okay. I mean he's different, and out of your comfy zone. Try something new! I think you should go for it. :)

    • he's really sweet, funny and cute so to not go out with him based on the fact we dont really enjoy the same things is a bit stupid really. And its really early, i can't really categorie us as someone whos dating, maybe we have more things in common then i think

    • Just take a chance. If you don't like being with him after you take a chance, then at least you tried. You don't want to wake up the next morning and regret what you did or didn't do. You never know what the outcome could be. Hey, you could fall in love with him! Come on, take a risk; life is too short, girl! :)