Should I text him?

Hi! So i met a really nice guy almost 2 months ago. We have been texting each other back and forth and had 3 dates so far. He would also text me first and our last date he hold my hand and texted me that night first. It was last Saturday. We were supposed to meet at Wednesday but last minute he had an urgent business (true) and said lets take a raincheck. I said ok its no problem then i sent him a photo of his surprise ( i told him that i was making a bracelet and i made one for him too and told him it was a suprise) so after that he didn't text me. For 2 days. I couldnt deal so i texted him on Friday to see what he is doing and he told me he is done with his business. So its Sunday we were always talking daily but he hasn't said anything or texted or called. Just liked my instagram pic yesterday. Should i text him or wait? I really like this guy. Did i scare him somehow?


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