Are my expectations to high towards dating and guys?

. Do i have too high expectation towards guys and dating? I have never dated anyone, and i haven't treally had a guy that i found attractive show much attention to me and this guy apparently liked me from the very start, just like i did with him.
So i met him yesterday at a bar, i asked him to join me and my sister (she was visting me) and he agreed. So where i live its normal to ask if someone is "going out" that mean go out drinking. So i knew he was going to drink and my plan was to drink, but then i wanted to get to know him so i drank a drink and a beer so i was pretty much sober. When he first arrived i was really attracted to him and i enjoyed talked to him. But then he just got more drunk, not really really drunk, but he started actting a bit less nervous so his behavior did change a bit. I know it was because of the alcohol and i realised quite early that it was a bad idea when my goal was to get to know him. So i was left with this kinda disapointed feeling, but then again i didn't really have any expectation. So i'm thinking i might just have these fantasies in my head or senarios in my head how thing should go and that could be why i was left with a feeling of disapointment.


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  • I'm not sure what you were expecting. The first date or meeting is more of an interview. Does everyone do well in their first interview? It depends. Some people just get nervous, but that doesn't tell you the whole story about that person. If you expect every man to sweep you off your feet within 1 hour, that's a bit extraordinary. However, if you see potential, then why not give him a shot? It's similar to the NFL draft or any other professional sport. Ideally, you want to find the best talent in the first several rounds of the draft, but sometimes you find hidden gems in the 6th round, i. e. Tom Brady.

    • i guess i expected him to blow me a way in a sense, or that we would have this amazing conection or something i dont know to be honest

    • Some guys are really awesome and you can't tell with a first date. For example, you can't tell how charitable a guy is or how he is adored by his little brother because he's done a lot. You can't tell if a guy volunteers or how noble he is. You can't tell how generous he is to people he cares about. You can't tell how much he will sacrifice just so you don't feel an ounce of pain.

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