Girls who would u date?

Girls if u had a choice between these two guys who would u pick?

1) From Spain, lives in England, speaks 5 languages, lawyer ( family is very well to do), traveled Europe with u, brings u to Europe for long weekends, plays polo, spent summers with him and his family for years

2) from America, known him for ur whole life, rough around the edges, former military, really a country boy

I know both of these guys bc my parents work in Europe , so I'm there for holidays and things and the guy from Europe works with my parents and the other guy lives in my home town


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  • Who is more real? Who do you really know?
    You have to choose the one that truly likes you. The one that you know the best. The one you like despite the small things that make you wanna punch him. The one you will call if something is wrong, and he will be there for you. :-)

    • The one to call if something was wrong would be the first one

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    • The second one pisses me off all the time

    • I think you want to pick the first guy. But you have this deep attraction to the second one.
      All I can say is that if all that pulls you to the second guy is just attraction, it won't work. Attraction will end one day.

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  • I'd go with whoever I'm most attracted to. =)

  • The first one.

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