Why don't girls like me?

I've been on some dates recently but girls always just see me as a potential friend. This is good in a sense because obviously I'm doing something right, but also something wrong.
I'm funny, I'm kind, I'm a good person and they always seem to have a good time but they just don't seem to be attracted to me and I don't know how to change that. How can I become more attractive to women without changing fundamentally who I am? I want to be the same person after all but I don't want to remain single.

I just don't get what is wrong with me?


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  • Bro I'm in the same boat you are, I know my problem is I always be myself (immature, goofy, oblivious to emtions and feminine wants, bluntly true, and polite) so I would recommend some good old Erickson psychology, Identity foreclosure, evaluate other successful girl magnets and copy thier gestures, actions and conversations. Hopefully piece what they do and I cooperate them into your every day activities. That's all I got and that's all from my mistakes, I hope that helps


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  • Well someone has to take the role of THE guy best friend

    • But why does it have to be me?

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    • I'm barely sure what they are. My friends say there is nothing wrong with me I don't think they are right yet I want some help because must evidently be wrong with me.

    • I could tell what's wrong if I knew you

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  • Definitely be yourself.

    I recommend you change the way you approach these situations. Make it clear that you DO NOT need any friends. Act as if you are ready to bounce at the drop of a hat. This doesn't mean disinterested...

    Don't text back and don't confirm dates. If they aren't talking to you then you are not talking to them. I have NEVER been friend zoned. Why? Because guys and girls CAN NOT be friends.

    • What do you mean by ready to bounce at the drop of a hat? Also, why shouldn't I text back? I don't understand that part.

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    • Yes. Until you know where you guys stand do not make a real effort. Also, keep your options open.

    • Amen dude

  • maybe you just look ugly/unattractive?

    • I am thin, average height but I get called cute, I don't think I have an ugly face.

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    • I don't know what you look like.