He hasn't texted me in 4 days, why?

We have been talking for 2 months now. The other day he was trying to make me jealous and I took it pretty well, but then he went too far and I told him to stop acting like a douche, he apologised and we then said good night to eachother. But since then he hasn't texted me at all, why?
This has happened before (not the argument, but the 4 days gap), and I texted him first and he replied in seconds because he was waiting for me to text him. I am not sure whether he thinks I no longer like him, or whether he is embarrassed or no longer likes me...

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  • The person with all the power in a relationship is the person who is most willing to end it. This is childish behavior some people never grow past. Move on, plenty of fish in the sea.


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  • You shouldn't have called him a douche he probably thinks you think his a douche you need to talk to him first and try to work it out


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  • If he can't invest his time to text you first and you're the only one initiating the conversation then I say move on. I can't see the relationship (if your in one with the guy) improving any if there's no communication on both ends equally.

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