What are you and your dream mate like?

Describe yourself and your dream mate. Like what would their physical and personality traits be. Also what are your physical and personality traits?
I'll start
My dream woman:
Very tall fit woman with long straight jet black hair with long toned fit legs and thick fit and toned thighs and bum. Very athletic body, but still feminine. Pales glowing skin with deep blue eyes and jet black nail polish. She would like to be comfortable and would wear oversized long sleeve shirts and sweatpants/leggings/yoga pants.
Personality wise she would be unique and outgoing and have an artsy/indie personality. She would love to go to museums and travel and would have fun cooking and baking with me in the kitchen. She would be liberal and caring person non judgmental but still have a sarcastic f ' ed sense of humor. On a Friday night she would enjoy cuddling with Netflix or maybe going out to a low key venue with some live indie music. When we had the chance we could go traveling and experience new cultures and food and see all sorts of art galleries and museums. I would want her to be a strong confident woman who wouldn't take s**t from no one
I my self am a short (5'5") skinny guy. I have to admit that I'm not very athletic. I have dark blone/brown hair and brown eyes. I would say that im pretty unique and not your average male. I love to cook and bake and I've been told I'm actually pretty good at it. I like pretty much everything I described above.


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  • We are opposites so we get long great. His strengths are my weakness and vice versa


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