Did I come across as creepy?

So this girl i know texts me a lot about almost everything, i tried arranging to go bowling the other day but she said busy and didn't give me a straight answer when I asked her when she would be free? she seems to mention things to do a lot but never follows through when i try arranging them. She texted me the other night about a restaurant saying it was something that had to be on my things to experience list and how i definitely needed to go one day. So I said "when are we going then?" but now I think I came on too strong because she hasn't replied.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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  • I don't think it has anything to do with your place on the creep-o-meter. It sounds like she either isn't interested in you or she's leading you on, maybe unintentionally, or maybe purposefully for the attention. Try asking her out-right why she always avoids replying whenever you ask to meet up.

    • Should I try come back from the last statement by saying something like "that sounded creepy over text"? or just leave it and see if she ever gets back to me?

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    • I'm just worried I came across to forceful about hanging out

    • You didn't. Don't worry about it =)

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  • omg no! that was great! Nothing to be ashamed about at all, a girl who was interested in you to begin with would of loved those suggestions!

    she's keeping you on the back burner and its actually her who seems creepy to be honest by not answering you and playing mind games!

    If she ever does get back to you, simply say ' look, are we ever going to hang out or not... cuz i would really like to and im beginning to feel like you dont!" if she cares, you'll get an answer, if not... move on!

    • Thanks so much, this really helps get things clear in my head. What confuses me mainly is that fact she said she wanted to do these things with me but when I try organise it feels like she is not interested. I'm not sure if she's genuinely busy or just keeping me hanging for fun or what.

  • Honestly she seems like one of those girls I recall in high school who would say they'd do things and just don't.

    Kind of like a friend you can't rely on, except in this case, she would be a potential love interest/girlfriend.

    I think this has more to do with her as a person rather than you. She needs to learn she cannot leave people hanging like that, talk to her about it

    • I definitely want to be clear if she actually does want to hang out, but I'm only worried if I ask outright I will come off too strong.

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    • I don't think she will be texting me after that "when are we going" question

    • Then i guess there's not much you can do

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  • No that was smooth way to do it man I would have done it that way as well man and I think that was a good way to do it.

    • I thought it was smooth, but no reply lol worried I rekt relationship