GUYS: do you forget to text girls back often?

and if so, how should the girl go about texting that person again if they didn't reply after a few days or so? please note that in this case the guy does talk to me so its not like he's ignoring me. i just want to make it not seem desparate



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  • I don't forget to text... I either seen the message and decide to reply or not or I haven't seen the message and will see it eventually.

    Just casually mention it to him why he didn't reply your text! Then just text him again like nothing happen. But if this time he didn't reply, take the hint and stop texting him first until he text you back.

    • here's my situation, advice would be appreciated

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    • He love the chase. He broke up with his gf to chase you ! But then he got what he wanted and didn't feel the need to try very hard anymore. He will not let you go or all his effort would be wasted.

      4 months is a long time, don't wait for him! Keep yourself open ! After 4 month have passed "we can see where were at when he returned " - in his word. Just don't let him think that you are that easy to get and would be willing to wait for him.

    • thanks so much! ill def keep that in mind. and its a good point

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  • I have the exact same question. The only thing is that i always respond pretty quickly but girls always take ages to respond me.

    • It could simply mean she is busy/have other thing to do.

      Never response immediately, that my rule. It make it seem like you have nothing else to do except wait by the phone for my text.

    • Thanks. I'll keep that in mind :)

  • Not really though it could happen, he's most likely not that interested in you in that way or even worse he could be playing you.

    • with him, i know for a fact its not that he's not interested.

    • the guy approached me months ago and we hit it off right away. i gave him my number and he texted me later saying that he shouldn't have approached me since he was kinda in one but that he really wanted to for a couple weeks now. anyways, i told him im not getting involved but if he saw me around campus he could say hi. so everytime he saw me he'd sit down and chat for a bit. we just clicked and he knew it. he broke up with her to date me, but i think being into two girls freaked im out and he realized that he wasn't ready to start dating right away and so we decided to be just friends and yet he'd get a friend to drive him 30 mins just to see me at a bar and to dance. he'd drive 30 mins to come watch a movie at 10:30pm.

    • we ended up cuddling, holding hands, and then he leaned in to kiss me and there was a real intimacy in it. like we'd stop just to look each other in the eyes or just breathe into each other, but i think our connection freaked him out so he pulled away. i confronted him and he said he was scared and not ready, but they for some reason he couldnt just leave me alone. what sucked was that he was actually heading away for 4 months so he didn't want to start something. he also knew he wasn't ready to give me what i deserve and want in a guy but that he wishes he was. he said that we would be going out if he wasn't leaving and that we would be good together, but that our timing was off. i asked him if im wasting my time waiting for him? and he couldnt just say its never going to work. he said that maybe we can see where were at when he returns. basically i know its not that he's not interested.

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