Whats with stoners and black guys?

Ok, I don't want to sound racist when I say this, but at my college if your a guy you ether need to smoke a lot of pot or be black to get most girls attention. Me, being a non-pot smoking white guy, am having some problems getting girls to talk to me... At home (entirely different area of the country) I don't seem to have issues quite like this. Ideas?


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  • Warning in advance: this will seem dramatically oversimplified and p*ss a lot of people off. It's still true, for the most part. There are exceptions everywhere, but people are predictable in groups.

    Answer: You live in Kansas. People there think smoking pot and interracial dating is rebellious.

    They think this because they are, for the most part, f***ing stupid. Even the ones who aren't f***ing stupid have typically never left their own zip code and consequently have a very limited view of the world. In modern, civilized cultures, nobody pays attention to marijuana and mixed-race marriages because they are non-issues. Kansas, alas, is not a modern, civilized culture.

    It could be worse, you could live in the deep South or Texas like I did for almost 20 years. Now graduate and GTFO of there already before you end up TotalyFd!


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  • i'm from kansas too

  • Pot smokers and black guys are generally cool and calm. No offense but some white guys can come off as corny which isn't really attractive to girls.

    • Also, Indian people are all computer programmers and Eastern Europeans are all vampires. Italians all drive Ferraris and every Asian person in the world knows kung fu. People with tattoos are, in general, artists and anyone who ever did LSD is a genius.


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    • Being loud and obnoxious doesn't equal dumb. A lot of guys like that are fun if you get to know them and that's why girls like them. But when I said calm I meant it like they are more carefree.

    • Hah, wow our misinterpreting me a lot. I didn't say I was surprised they got into college, BECAUSE they are loud and obnoxious, I was simply adding to reason.

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  • wow, I would have loved to go to that college back in the day. My college is the complete opposite; everyone here is so conservative and tight-assed. I guess just grow your hair out and dread it up and you'll fit in with the white rastas so you can get a date.

    • Ahahha, I have had dreads before. they are irritating as hell. But I wouldn't fit in with more the people here in terms of looks regardless. I have a bunch of piercings that get funny looks from people (really not that extreme ones to...) idk, kansas is just way to different than PDX...

  • Where in Kansas is this McPherson college located?

    I must travel to it!

  • wtf? what college do you attend?

    • McPherson college.

    • They really get all the attention from girls or is that an exaggeration? Anway, maybe the girls there are pot heads too. If that is the case, you probably don't need to bother with them, because how far could they possibly get in life. Remember, the world isn't run by pot heads and never will be. That's my two cents on it.

    • They don't get ALL the attention, but the girls here don't give much of a crap about others it seems. >.<