I called him EVERY NAME IN THE BOOK and he STILL won't delete/block my number?

We "dated" for 4 months. He said he he didn't want a relationship so I broke up with him. 2 months later he calls and says he that I he missed me and I meant something to him. I went back to him like a dumb ass. He turned into a asshole and started treating me badly and we "broke up" again. I sent him a letter that called him a:

No personality
No sex game having asshole.

He even said he deserved it and that he was sorry (whatever).

I blocked him from my phone and today I checked an app that I and him have on our phones and low and behold I'm still in his phone book unblocked. I know he's the type to delete a number since he threatened to do it when we were in a argument but he didn't do it this time.

If an ex cussed you out wouldn't you delete her number? This is blowing my mind. lol

And for the people that will say for sex. Sex cannot be that great. I don't care what you say. Not after what I called him. That was just a sample of what I called him.


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  • Heh some people will go a long way for sex...

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