Does He Want Me Back?

So had a fight with this guy 2 weeks ago, I have sent him a photo, and a music file on whatsapp, His last login was 1 week earlier, so he rarely went on, after I had sent him the things, he sent me a message you give me space, and peace, so I never Messaged him since, everyday since that message he was going on whatsapp everyday multiple times, sometimes 6 times a day. I had uploaded a photo of me holding a bunch of red roses, and I had wrote a status on there, no distance is too far as long as i have you, feelings are real, I can't forget you.2 weeks yesterday after I had wrote that status on Friday and uploaded the photo, he messaged me yesterday asking me how I was, do it sound like he wants me back, after a fight he said we're better off as friends, and I said I can't be your friend, and he said I can;t be your lover, I think he was lashing out because he was upset. But he knows I don;'t want to be his friend, and knows how I feel now, after all my status updates, and he will have seen the one I wrote on Friday because to message me he has to go on my page and status is there. What do you think, does he want me back? What does it sound like to you, He never used whatsapp before it was rare, he talks to his friends on Facebook, and uses his phone.


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  • He said clearly that he can't be your lover, he doesn't want to be. You're kidding yourself if you're hoping for more. I suggest you accept the break up and stop dragging it out. Stop contact and stop hoping that there is hidden meaning to his behaviour. If he wanted you back then he would tell you.

    • That was before the first fight though, since then he message me yesterday after asking for space,

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    • My Status was clearly for him also, that I put on Friday , and then yesterday thats when he messaged me, and after i had uploaded a photo of me holding some red roses

    • Unless he said, "I thought about things and I want you back", then he does NOT want you back. You are hoping that the simple act of messaging you means he does, but it doesn't.

  • ... We're better off friends... It sounds like he still wants you in his life, is Missing the Kissing and could be now, he is looking for a Friends with benefit factor.
    He may be trying to sway you in his own way and with these open lines of convo of messages 'On my page,' he may be trying to get you On----His own page now.
    Tis is what... it sounds like to me.
    Good luck. xx

    • what do you mean, does it sounds like he wants me back, when he said we're better off friends that was after the fight, the next day he blocked me on Facebook. So then i sent him messaged everyday by text, and then i installed whatsapp and it said his last login was 1 week earlier, so he rarely used the program, I sent him photo of the Valentine's present i bought for him was going to give him when i saw him he lives overseas, He then messaged me I don't care i don't want anything from you, you give me space, and peace, but after that he came online an hour after then later that night and everyday sometimes 6 times a day sometimes more, and then yesterday he messaged me asking how I was, I hadn't sent him any more messages since the message he sent me that was 2 weeks ago yesterday

    • He sounds sporadic here, dear, and may be doing this as a way to Not be in a serious relationship any more, but be friends, yes... with benefits. Be careful.:)) xx

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