Has this ever happened to anyone?

I have two questions mostly for guys and women as well, but I would like to mostly hear opinions from women. Question#1 I reconnected with woman on Facebook whom I haven't spoken to in years. I accepted her friend request and I sent her private message saying: "how's it going, long time no hear" After I sent that message she never replied back but she read the message and keeps posting stuff everyday, if that's the case why bother adding in the first place, do you agree? My second question is I also reconnected with another woman on Facebook and I sent her a private message saying how's it going as well, and she replied back. I asked her for her number so instead of using social media to talk, I wanted to call her to talk on the phone, but she never gave me her number and from then on never really talked again. The thing is I saw on one of her posts that she wonders why men never call on the phone anymore and communication is always through text or Facebook, for her to say that, isn't that very contradicting? Thanks and what are your thoughts?


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  • A women can be nosey.. The second one sounds like she doesn't really mess with you like you used to with her.

    • The first woman, I already unfriended her. The second one we were always in good terms, just lost contact after high school.

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