How to ask if he likes me, without actually asking?

Ok so I like this guy but we are friends first and foremost. I want to see if he likes me so I can move on with my life but I don't want to make things awkward. We snapchat quite a bit, so i was wondering if you guys had any smoother ideas than I. (my idea as an Example)
Do you like me?
(wait for a response)
(his response)
if yes: ok cool i like you to
if no: omfg did i send that to you, I meant to send that to _____

That is obviously a very see through plan, so if you guys have any ideas on how to that would be awesome.


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  • Don't be like "Do u like me" do something more casual like "We should see a movie this friday" because u usually say that to friends so its more casual and u have a way out if he says no.

    • he would say yes if he does like me or not tho.