Is a dating website like OkCupid worth giving a shot?

Right now, I'm trying out this OkCupid dating site for the first time just to see how it is. I'm usually very reluctant to even send messages to a random woman on the internet but I figured I might as well give it one shot since I'm always to busy to be making new friends or finding a woman to be in a relationship with. There's one woman that I've found that I think maybe the right person but I'm not so sure.

Should I give it a shot?

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Again, I'm too caught up with college, work, family and boxing to be making more new friends in class or finding a woman to be in a relationship with.


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  • I voted yes. Worth a shot.

    I did OKcupid but it didn't work out for me. They have a blog section that goes into details about how men and women choose each other. It's all very interesting. They've actually studied their records and provided data showing how women rate themselves very highly and are super selective about who they even message back. The prevailing idea is that "if I'm on a website then I'm only going to accept the best".

    Whatever the case is, MOST guys don't have any success with websites. I know I didn't. My cousins didn't. Except one, he's Hispanic, 6'4", 220 lbs, money... who by the way doesn't have ANY problems getting girls in the real world; chicks literally walk up to him every day and start talking. What's my point? It really only works for the guys who are already successful for the obvious reason: looks.

    Most guys go for the shotgun method. Just start messaging any girl you find remotely attractive. Don't just copy and paste tho, that's too obvious. Try to tailor the messages a little. Honestly, length has jack shit to do with responses. You can write a book and not get a response from these twisted women. Just mention something exact or insightful and send it. If they like you they will respond.

    Trust me on that bro, I've done it all. My friends have done it all.

    • Well, I'm not the typical "sex with attractive women only"-type of guy so I'm also selective with who I choose as well.

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    • Hey, if I'm limiting myself a lot less, then that means I'm weeding out the all sorts of women who were never right for me in the first place. Funny how there's a double standard against men in this case. Apparently only women can be selective of who they want to be in a relationship with while men get weird looks for being more selective or get ignored much more for it.

    • *If I'll get much less responses for limiting myself*

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  • Why wouldn't you try it? The worst case is you'll still be alone. Like you are now


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  • It's "worth a shot" but don't ever have high hopes with it.

    I used to use it and the girls in my area are mostly overweight and the girls who are somewhat ok looking get 30-50 messages a day from what they told me.

    Some advice I'll throw at ya.

    Do not put any emotional investment into messaging at all. Keep your messages 3-5 sentences and then get her number and meet. That's it. If she's "too scared" to meet she's just gonna message you endlessly then disappear. Girls who are too scared to meet just waste your time.

    Also keep in mind that if she doesn't post a full shot of her figure she's probably overweight which will lead to an awkward meet where you'll be disappointed and just want to leave. Girls struggle with guys lying about their height. Girls mislead guys into thinking they're slimmer hoping they won't care at the actual date.

    Also keep it all public. Don't "watch a movie at your place" unless you don't mind it going into a hook up.

  • Okc is nothing but a hook up app. They all say they want relationships but it's bs. They just want to get laid. I've done about 6-7 chics from there. And not even left home ir spent any money on them. They come over to chill and within 10 mins im going down on them. 15 mins later i have them bent over the arm on the couch pounding like a wild dog in heat !! Blow the biggest saved up loads ever and that's it. Don't usally bang em again. Couldn't bother. Been there done her ,,,,, NEXT !
    Everyone's to busy to start developing a relationship. Tnink about it. It's all about getting laid.
    Grab a jumbo box or Trojans. If unsure , doubble them up just to be safe and do the sniff test

  • Go for it. You have nothing to lose. Despite of what has been said about dating sites, I had sucess. I found this awesome metal head girl. (actually was I that got found) Same musical tastes (most of them), same many things. We agreed to meet up on a concert of a band (More Than A Thousand - portuguese metalcore band). After that I took her home. We talked about all the random stuff we got our heads into and then she left. Later I told her that she was indeed very sweet and awesome and that I really really liked her company. We agreed to go on another concert of them. Things started to snowball. Today we're boyfriend and girlfriend. We just made 1year together this February the 20th.
    So... yeah, go for it. You never know what tomorrow will gring you. I sure didn't. And I'm really happy that she found me there and that I made that account. I also made some friends there, with whom I still maintain contact.
    My advice: If you have nothing to lose, dive into it.

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