Why is he suddenly backing off and uninterested?

After 2 months of texting all day everyday and a great date, why is he suddenly not interested? He's sending one word response. Still replying to every text and asking questions, but only using one word to answer questions. I got fed up and just told him good luck with midterms. He's not responded since. I actually liked him. Should I just leave it and let him come to me if he wants to? Or should I make a move?


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  • Someone else is possible, maybe just his interest is lower than before..
    If you want to know for certain you'll have to ask him

    • How can I ask him without coming off as clingy or desperate?

    • That's a good one.. I hate playing games, but you could just leave him alone, move on , guys always come around when that happens, it's just our nature...
      Otherwise just maybe send a light hearted text, something which requires no response from him, see if he comes back with something and if he does, then ask him

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  • He met someone else