Pros and cons of dating someone that was introduced by your mom? apparently, there's a pretty girl that can speak 4 languages and she's rich too lmao?

i won't do it. never was my thing but just for jokes.

too much ego to get hooked up by someone


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  • Pros:
    -she likes him
    -he's respectful of elders
    -manner able
    -Well groomed

    Note: These pros may be things he could do just to impress your mom. he may be different around you but then again your mom picked him for you.

    -He's an asshole
    -He's not who you thought he was
    -Not/far from your type
    -Maturity level

    • Oops! Take the him and replace with her! I thought it was a girl question. I looked at your picture not the blue screen name ahahaha.

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    • np=)

      yah i have no idea how old she is. i shot down the idea before she can finish tellin me.

    • Aha. well it could be fun to see who your mother chose for you.

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  • You said the pros yourself xD

    The cons is that you probably won't have any feelings for her.