Falling for my housemate. How to handle the situation? Should I pursue?

Hi everyone,

I have no other place to seek advice so I need some generous help.

The Problem: - I am currently living with a girl in an apartment condo. I have lived with her for almost 6 months (in separate rooms), and it was only 2 weeks ago that I started to develop feelings for her. I did not foresee this coming. I thought I would never fall for her since she is an international student and her physical attractiveness is only average.

So last weekend I asked her to go ice-skating with me and some other friends since there was a group discount. She happily said yes and we had a blast. (I did not do much physical flirting with her since I do not want my friends to assume anything.) Anyways, we both enjoyed it very much and laughed a whole lot.
Now, every time I run into her in the kitchen, I feel an urge to always have a conversation with her. (In the past, I would just say "Hey".) I am uncertain what I should be doing at this point or what type of "steps" i should be taking in order to start dating her. I don't want to fall into the friendzone with her but we see each other more than 5x a day. Any advice?
Some extra background about her: 1.) She is an international student but is determined to stay in America after graduation. 2.) She grew up in an Asian culture which is way different than the American culture. (So "American" dating approaches might make things awkward.) 3.) She was friends with her Ex-BF for 3 years before they finally went out, but they only lasted 4 months due to long-distance problems. 4.) As for me, I will be moving to another city for a new job in 3-4 months but she still has another year of schooling here in our current city. (This means long-distance relationship will be required if we do end up dating.)

There is so much to like about her. She makes me happy every time I see her. She is incredibly nice, very considerate of others, respectful, laughs at all my jokes, very patient, smart and fun but kind of shy too.


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  • Only if you LOVE disaster.

    • Hi, do you mind elaborating? Has there never been any success stories for my scenario?

    • You'll have to forgive me. I'm drunk and I didn't bother read all that crap after your question. I just read your question and answered.
      Okay. I'm the king of Vague. So try to read into this as much as possible.
      Take into account her... mode of dating in her culture. It's called being consideration. Bitches love it no matter the shore.
      If you like her as much as you say, then telling her what might be when you graduate might work in your benefit. If you want to just get laid, then is 50/50. If not, then you can maintain a friendship and always visit later. Old flames and all that.
      And lastly, you're not going to like it, but 3-4 months is not enough time if you have to take the long route and be her friend. (Determined by her) The other way works out for you, if she's as hot hot for cock as you are. Then you have 3-4 months of good hot sweaty monkey-sex.

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  • I think it is better you try it out and see if it works, if it doesn't at least u tried cause if u don't it will beat u up not knowing the outcome and that's far worse in my opinion.

    • The only problem is that we are living together which means we will literally jump straight into the "living together phase". Also, if she doesn't feel the same way, it will be an awkward remaining 3 months of our lease.