Is it wrong I left my boyfriend with his group of friends?

The day started off like crisp because his mom yelled at me for no reason. He told not to worry about it so I brushed it off and tried to enjoy the day. But as the day progressed, we got an edible. I had a tiny piece, didn't effect me. Not sure how much he took. But he gave me some and left me on the balcony alone so he could join his buddies. I waited for him to aleast aknowledge me. But nope, 30 min passes by and I jump of the two story balcony. I was bored so why not. he didn't come to check on me so I texted him and told him that I jumped, he called me a liar. His friend runs out to check and I roll my eyes. Boyfriend calls a few times and told me we were going on a walk with his pals. Shortly after I had called my uncle who was in the area if I could hitch a ride home. We then go on a walk and watch the sunset with his pals. I wanted to watch the beach with him, and watch the sunset romantically. But all I got was a walk by myself in the cold as the three walk very far behind me. I'm crushed and disappointed that he said we would have a fun day together in the city. Nope, all we did was hangout on the couch, balcony and with his pals before I cut it short and decided to go home. I felt like the 4th wheel. I wasn't having fun or attention, so I wanted to go home. Before my uncle arrived he told me that it was the weed making him act all distant towards me but why wasn't he like that with his pals? He tried to explain that it was all the weeds fault and he is trying to explain but he can't. So I told him I was leaving and he said he was confused. So I left. How am I supposed to fix it or do I wait for him to realize he's the one to blame. This is not what you do to your girlfriend.


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  • It's hard to give attention to everyone, especially when someone is trying to be the center of it. So please, maybe arrange a date solely with him so you can have his undivided attention. And maybe let him go out with his pals by himself, in the end, he might not want his pals to feel out of place by making them third wheels, imagine going out with a bunch of your friends and basically making out with your bf all the time, how would your friends feel? Probably not very comfortable. This is also your fault because you should have taken the initiative to join them instead of moping on the balcony, i'm doubting he told you specifically to stay there and not move, so you stayed there because you wanted to. And why the hell would you throw yourself off a balcony only for attention? Thats childish and stupid, could've hurt yourself. That reminds me of those brats that break their toys when they're making a tantrum. Maybe the way they hangout is not the way you think is fun, that doesn't meant they have to do the way you want it to be. So you probably did well going home, and maybe your boyfriend was confused because you failed to tell him you were bored and that you weren't enjoying it? That was childish, you should be able to talk to him and say what you feel, maybe if you did he would've been more time with you. And PLEASE realize, just because you want something doesn't mean you're entitled to having it handed out to you, your objective was to go watch the sunset at the beach with him? Even though you were in a group with his pals? Don't you think thats double standarts, because correct me if im wrong but being on a beach and "watch the sunset romantically" is pretty much a bf-gf only thing, so friends would DEFINITELY feel left out. So next time tell him what you want to do, tell him you want to go on a date, just you and him and go and do whatever you guys want to do. Hanging out with friends is different than being on a date.


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