A senior & a sophmore? In high school? Any advice please? What do you think I should do?

I have a crush on a senior, & he is really attractive not only how he looks but because he's so respectful & a gentleman, but im a sophmore. I've noticed he has been staring at me since last year- because we had a class together- a guy friend of mine introduced me to him the other day, saying im his 'sister' (which im not actually related to him) & the senior was polite- now I notice he stares at me a lot again than before- & I really want to say hi & talk to him but i get too shy & I notice he literally stares at me when i walk passed him, but i just can't get the courage to start a conversation i was thinking of saying "Hey! Im allan's sister! Hows it goin? " & just start from there i guess- but I feel weird for some reason- im not good at this, im pretty shy, even my friends are like "why can't you just say hi?" Any idea? Is it weird for a senior to date a sophmore? & plus the senior said 'that relationships in h. s are stupid' :/ so maybe this isn't a good idea? I mean, my friend said "well maybe YOU can change that, just tell him if its still dumb after he gets to know you" & I don't know any ideas?


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