What makes a long term relationship successful?

What do you think are things that contribute to a long term successful relationship? Can you rush too soon into one? What makes one unsuccessful?

Thanks everyone for your comments so far. Here are a couple of my thoughts:

* don't assume they know - communicate (love, concerns, happiness, everything)
* never stop dating. No matter what.
* "must win" arguments can be dangerous
* agree on your approach to money and chores (different levels based on different levels / types of relationship)

Do agree with these?

... what else is missing?


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  • Honesty, compassion, patience, communication, making each other feel special, goofing off together, having some common interests, having your own thing too, fitting in with each others friends and families, having compatible long term goals and visions for your future, a healthy sex life...


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  • Honesty, faith, showing that you care, putting in effort to make things work, focusing on them when they're talking, showing respect, etc.
    If you feel you are good enough/happy on your own, then you might be ready for a relationship.
    Dishonesty, no/minimal effort to keep the relationship, purposely distancing yourself, and not focusing on them the times you're together (with exceptions).

  • dont go to bed at night without having solved an argument, show love and respect for eachother and show your partner appriciation. love and have pride for what you guys have togethere :)


What Guys Said 2

  • Kissing...

  • The ability to actually get along with another human for more than a few hours at a time.

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