We went on 3 great dates but he hasn't asked me on a 4th although he indicated interest to see me again... any tips?

So I met this guy on Tinder. Since I don't believe in all the rules about dating I decided to make a move and ask him out. We went to see a movie and afterwards he asked me if I wanted to grab a coffee. He texted me an hour after the date telling me he had fun and asked me out on a second date.
The second date went great, we watched a tv-show at my place and he also spontaneously asked me out for pizza after we had watched a few episodes. We came back to my place and watched a few more episodes, and then I asked him if he'd be interested in seeing me again and he said yes. When we hugged goodnight he gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek.

On our third date we went bowling and grabbed drinks after. He said that he had to be home early but then after the drinks he asked if we could go to my place to make some coffee. We did and talked for hours and he told me about some funny memories and trips he would like to make in the future etc, and we went to grab some take-out in between and came back to my place. We talked until 3 a. m. and then he said he had to be heading home and that next time "we should be at his place"
When he hugged me goodnight I kissed him.

Now it's been almost 2 weeks and no word about a date. He still texts me daily though and I even toned down my texting because I thought he lost interest, but he still initiates 70% of the texts and at one point he disappeared for 2 days but the texted me again and asked what I'd been up to etc.

What's up with this guy? Is he losing interest or playing hard to get?

Or have I come across as too busy as I told him I had exams coming up? Is there something I can say to tell him I'm interested to hang out agai without explicitly asking him? :)

sorry for the loooooong text and thanks in advance! :D


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  • Nothing you can do now just wait it out for the next date if there is one if not get another dude

    • Thanks for the answer! I sent him a text where I implied it'd be fun to see him again, gotta wait and see what happens :) at this point I have nothing to lose :)

    • Yes you are very right. I wish you the best of luck with him

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  • Well if you told him you have exams coming up, it could be that he is leaving it in your court to set the next date, since your schedule is probably more challenging than his at the moment.

    Or he's trying not to seem too eager.

    Or he likes you enough that he'll continue to see you if you put the effort in but isn't quite into you enough to push too hard.

    Could be anything... your best bet at this point is to just go ahead and ask him out again.

    • Thanks for the answer! I thought about it the way you did but thought that I needed opinions as I don't want to make a fool of myself :D cause I get the vibes that he is into me.

    • Over the last few years I've started to approach dating with more of the attitude "I'm just going to go after what I want without worrying about it." Like, if it becomes clear that I'm more into it than the guy is, or that he's after something different than I am, I won't keep chasing.. but so long as I don't have any reason to believe he's not into me, I'll just assume he is and not be afraid or ashamed to ask him out :)

    • Yes that's kinda the attitude I have as well :) ofc I never want to smother a guy or come across as too eager, but at times I get these "I will do this because it feels right, I've got nothing to lose" moments and then I act upon it. As I know this guy is no one to lead you on because we had a discussion about how we both hatw dishonest people or people who cheat, so I know that he won't agree to meet me unless he really wants to. gotta wait and see :)

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  • I think he kept trying to go to your place because he wanted sex and after 3 dates and no sex despite talking until 3:00 a. m. he decided you weren't going to sleep with him and lost interest.