My boyfriend and I decided to take a break and then he called me a day later and I miss it should I call hom back?

We break up like 1 time a week at least and he is such a jerk he wasn't like this from the beginning , we've been together since 1 year and 2 months and I've known him for 3 years or smth , he was the perfect guy but now he's such a jerk!


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  • Why waste your time on a jerk when you can do much better?

    If you keep breaking up then clearly it's not meant to be.

    • Yeah I know but everytime he calls and says something nice to me I melt and get back with him

  • You need to tell him he is being a jerk!. Next time you break up, don't be so quick to get back together until he agrees to makes some changes.

    • I tell him in every time but he never takes me seriously and when I get angry and talk serious he starts laughing!

    • Of course he doesn't take you seriously. It is because he feels that there is no real consequences, other than you yelling at him. ( which some men equal to a small dog barking at them- not scary at all ). when you break up with him, and he comes around to your house, say that you haven't excepted his apology yet, as you feel he doesn't mean it and close the door. Don't contact him. He will see the error of his ways.