Why does this girl nibble/suck on her hair while on a date?

I know I won't get a straight answer from the person in mind but she isn't the first to suck/nibble on her hair during a date. At first I thought it was basic nervousness, then over the years I thought it was sexual nervousness.

So basically that's my question to the girls is sucking/rubbing your hair over your lips a nervous tick in general or a getting turned on nervous tick cause I have seen enough to call it either way.

  • Sucking/Rubbing your hair on your lips during a date is just a general nervous tick
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  • Sucking/Rubbing your hair on your lips during a date is a sexually turned on nervous tick
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Also to clarify I do not mean on a first date, I am talking 3-4 dates in. Never shows up on a first date for some reason.


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  • sorry but I just find that weird in my opinion, but then again I don't even play with my hair when I'm flirting, however I do know that touching the lips is suppose to mean they want to kiss you if this helps.


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  • I know girls that does that because they love the taste of it.. & also it can become a bad habit!



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