He has experience and I have non? I need advice?

So i met this very cute and fun guy and i found out this weekend that he liked me back (we have know eachother from before). You could say we are in a early dating fase, getting to know eachother etc. He has been in a relationship before and i haven't, i haven't even dated, ever.

So my experience is very low and im guessing he has much more experience then me. Im not really sure how to act or how fast things are suposed to go, how things are in the beginning etc. And since i like him so much i feel quite big pressure to act or be in a certain way. I know everyone is different, but i dont want to mess this up, i dont meet guys i like often at all.. So i need som adivce in that area, and i also need advice regarding low body confidence and sex. Sex is going to accure at some point, and im looking forward to it, but im a virgin and im not completly comfortable with my body. In my book my boobs look bad, i have to much scars around my vagina (inside the thighs) and i have too much fat on my stomach. advice regarding that part?

im also quite embarrassed that my lovelife has been such a failure, and i do find it difficult to confess to people that i have never dated and that non of the guys i wanted in the past wanted to date me, and that i had a really rough patch in my life after my grandad died and that made me bring home random guys etc


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  • since you are inexperienced, just go with the flow and do what is right for you, not him. this is your time to gain experience personally. don't follow some guide list someone wrote for you, experience it on your own. well okay a few tips may be helpful but that usually falls in the same lines as common sense.

    • as for your body, if you feel uncomfortable about it then work on ways to improve it to your own appeal.

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    • i know, she looks so good! but im pretty sure she didn't get like that within a year... so i know i need to work very hard to even look anything close to that...

    • just don't give up and you will be doing much better than nothing at all and you will always have something to be happy about.

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