How can you tell the difference between a man who deals with commitment issues and one who just doesn't like you enough?

Any pointers to tell the difference between a man who actually really likes you but is afraid of commitment and one who doesn't but is just using that as an excuse.


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  • Good question!

    In my experience a guy with commitment issues struggles to show it you through his actions, such as living together, sharing things, deep talks about marriage etc. This kind of guy may like you but he has issues from his past or he just is emotionally scared. So he will take longer than other men to show his real feelings and commit to you. Most men are fear full of commitment so break it to them gently and not in a desperate way ;)

    And the guy who who does not like you enough is just basically an arsehole who is out for their own agenda. He will not commit to things because he does not want to.

    In all, the ones who are worth it will show you that they like you and will commit to you. The ones who do not are scared boys inside and will never really be able to commit to anything.

  • The guy who doesn't like you won't make an effort to see you