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I was dating a guy and i really really have feelings for him... oneday i was at his house and we watchet a movie... we were cuddling at the sofa and soon we began kissing. After this he told me that he loves me and i said that i love him too. Thesecond time i was at his house was the same. Than he didn't call me anymore so we were just texting. Weeks later i asked him if he still loves me and he said yes but he doesn't want to be in a relationship at the moment. After this we also stopped texting. After a moth he asked me why i stopped texting him and i asked him why he doesn't text me first? why should i text him first everytime? Then we didn't even say hello to each other for a month. last week he called me and told me that he's sorry that he never talks to me and that i'll always be important to him.

I think that he only wants friendship but what if there's more? I can't be just friend with him becaus what if he gets in a relationship? i don't want to have to pretent that everything is okey when its not.
What should i do? :(


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  • hahaa oh my gosh okay straight and simple; he's just not that into you. why would you continue being loyal to a guy who has given you absolutely no reason too in the first place. you both already said "I love you" on first kiss, that should have been red flag number one, but your both also young as shit so let it slide. he grew more and more distant every time and even when you were trying to reach out to him, its clear he doesn't like you like you do him. he's all talk and no walk d00d. if you still wanna remain friends then tell him what you two had was good but you're over it now and you just want to be friends, that way at least you get the last shot in first and it may make him feel regret because you backed out.

    • I suppose she might want to make the guy she's got a crush on feel bad, but I hope not?

      But yeah, he's not feeling you -_-

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    • Oh, *I* was suggesting the possibility he's a jerk. (He's probably not, no... was just saying maybe) Didn't mean to imply that's what you were saying.

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  • he's a kid he does not know what true love is. Its puppy love and kids change there mind in a heart beat

  • just remind him the time you spent together and ask that time again.


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