What should I do if the girl I like gets a boyfriend?

It goes like this. I met her 1 year ago n I started liking her. as I am a shy kind of a person it took a long too start the things going but once we both were comfortable talking to each other, we used to share every detail of our lives then. I thought she was also interested in getting serious with me and I was about to ask her out. after few months she suddenly stopped talking. And now I came to know she's got a boyfriend.. What should I do now


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  • don't think there is anything you can do unless you're willing to get in between a relationship. lets say you do get her to like you more and she chooses you, whats to stop her from having some other guy come in between you two?

    • Yeahhh. Thank you anyway for the opinion

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  • Move on.. whether she would have dated you or not is not irrelevant - you took too long to try to make it happen and in the meantime, she met someone else who did put the moves on. Chalk it up to a lesson learned... if you want sometime, seize the opportunity while it's there.

    • Yeahh you are right.. I took too long to approach her.. Thank you for the insights

  • If you are truly shy... she may not have even known you are interested. Or maybe she did, but gave up because she thought you would never make a move, or didn't feel as strongly?

    There was this boy I used to be in love with. We were best friends. But I eventually fell in love with him, and I didn't feel like he felt the same... so I pulled away. I still don't know if he did or not. But he wouldn't answer me if I asked... so... It is what it is.

    Other than those two options though, the only other possible answer is that she never considered you in that way at all.

    • I tried to hint that i like her and I'm into relationship

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    • Yeah... but you'll never really know until you ask directly.

      If she keeps avoiding your question. That's your answer.

      If you get a vibe from her of discomfort, then either she isn't ready for a relationship with you for some reason, or it isn't like that for her.

    • I'm worried I'd make a mess by directly asking her.. It's like haven't been talking since 3-4 months

  • continue to be friends with her if you like her as a person and find someone else

    • Thank you for d opinion..

  • Maybe she was just friends with you.. But if she stopped talking with you it would perhaps mean that she wanted you to take your friendship to next level but as you didn't do that , she just moved on.. I am just assuming things..
    And from now on please react and reveal your feelings to girls.. They really want an expressive guy..

    • But how? She just doesn't talk to me.. Even if she replies its like i get a feeling that she is just not interested anymore

    • Maybe she just wants to move on..

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