I'm in this dating rut and I've had a continuous string of bad dates, should I take a break?

Been on the dating scene for the past 6 months and met guy after guy who just aren't my type or vice versa. We don't click, or they lie, nothing in common etc.

After this spate of bad dates I'm seriously losing hope! What should I do? I can't help but feel pretty crappy atm after all these unfortunate dates-how does one keep their spirits up?

Should I take a break from dating now?


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  • When you say you've been on the dating scene for 6 months, do you mean you got out of a relationship then and have only been back dating again for that long?

    6 months is not a very long time to be single and it's perfectly normal to have a series of failed dates... dating is a process of elimination, when you really think about it... most of the guys you go out with aren't going to click and that's OK.

    Hell, I've been perpetually single for my entire adult life, save two 4-month-ish long relationships and a few 1 or 2 month flings here and there, so perhaps I am just not in a position to have too much sympathy for someone who's experienced 6 measly months of failed dates... lol

    • Ha no I've been single for 2 years but actively started to date the last 6 months, how do you stay so optimistic when you meet unsuitable guys?

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    • Well, the last time I was "in a relationship" was over two years ago, and that relationship was about four months long. Before that, I had been single since 2008 when I had had another relationship that was just over four months long. Before that and in between I'd had a few one or two month long flings.

      So, yeah, I have literally been single most of my life - 99.9% of it.

      As for where I met my current boyfriend - he subbed on my soccer team for a game and we just had a connection and through the magic of Facebook, he got a hold of me and asked me out :)

    • AH I see, hope things work out for you!

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  • Maybe you should look for a different kind of guy. The kind you're looking for right now might not be the one you should actually look for. Like, widen your options a bit maybe.

    • I'm looking for a guy who is considerate and has an idea where he's going with his life- that's not too much to ask is it?

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    • I have done so but it's finding the time as well, boo :(

    • Finding the time? all your really need to do is write to them or ask the ones you find interesting to talk with you through SMS or some other texting app. Just something to take the talking out from the website and into real life.

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  • Take a break. Dont even think about for how long you are going to take a break. If you find yourself constantly dating guys who are just wrong for you, I think you need to take a step back and do things for you. Think of what it is you want out of a relationship. Look back on the past guys you dated and try to figure out what about them made it not work. Figure out what you feel is a deal breaker and what you can compromise with. Also take time to figure out where you might be falling short and what yoi can do to improve yourself. When you least expect it you will be ready and open to dating and have better luck finding a good match. ^^

    • Yeah I think I need a break-dating this much is demoralising.

    • yea. And in this position you might end up in a relationship that isn't one you really want to be in.

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