Am I a weirdo/fool/dope/loser for not getting dates, when everybody else has figured it out?

i know this person, we'll we're not friends fully, but we know a bit about each other since we're in a dance class.

thing is she got a bf lately, and we're of similar age in our early 30s. but then most people in now our age have gf/bfs or are married, and i've not dated much before. i think overall i'm a pretty confident person, but then i get a bit awestruck, and to be honest a bit resentful, because it's like there is some information handed to people that makes them get on and get dates. i just don't get it.

i constantly work on this though, since i reckon anything worth having has to come with effort, and it's only a matter of time until i get the tools others got.


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  • I'll be 20 soon and I have never had a girlfriend. I've struggled with some complicated shit though, and only now started to take confidence in myself. Along with that happening a few girls showed some attention, because I became more outspoken and confident. But nothing happened. I don't know how to do it either. Guess I'll just meet new women in the future and see how it goes. Flirt and be myself or whatever, someone will come along.

    I don't think there are any tools. Women like different things. One of the girls that sort of liked me I know only goes for soft, funny guys. Another girl I know like muscular, "tougher" guys. There's no one way to be attractive to all girls. The things you find silly about yourself might be the thing the woman likes the most. Take care of yourself, and take pride in the things you like about yourself. I guess it all comes to us one day, if we want it.

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