What happened to this guy?

He barely knows me.

1. He sent me a love song video
2. He initiated text the next day, I responded 2 hrs later.
3. He always responded immediately to all my texts.
4. He said he will make plans

I told him he was rude about something religious. I asked him out and he said HE WAS NEVER INTERESTED and blocked me on Facebook. He said he hardly talked to me and he is confused why I thought he liked me.

Please explain what happened so I can learn some lessons.


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  • I suspect he thought Indian women were submissive and compliant, so when you suddenly criticized him abouthis comments on your religious customs, you popped this streotyped bubble, and he could not handle that much REALItY.

    So he ran for the hills!

    Me, I know better about you Indian girls!

    • why did he deny his feelings? He even told me he doesn't have a girlfriend. What should I do now?

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    • why is he saying HE WAS NEVER INTERESTED.

    • This man has a large ego and can't admit he had a totally wrong understanding about you. It's easier for him to pretend he was never interested, than to admit he was on the wrong track with you. You know about men and egos...

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  • You corrected him. That's a no-no in courtship. He denied because he's an idiot.


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  • Maybe he was just being friendly and you read too much into it