Have you ever been stuck in a love triangle?

Once I liked two boy at the same time. I talked to them both for quite some time but then one guy said I had to choose. I knew I like one more than the other but I still didn't want to hurt the other guy. So I dropped them both and asked could we remain friends


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  • Yeah. From like 2nd grade to freshmen year of high school I had a crush on this one girl. In 8th grade I figured she liked me back but I was still too spineless to ask her out. We hung out but never did anything. I eventually learned a really close friend of mine also liked her at the beginning of high school. I decided to back off her because he was one of my oldest friends and I didn't want to lose that. He took her to homecoming which tortured me on the inside but I was able to keep being friends with him. He never asked her out though which pissed me off. But after I backed off of her I gradually just lost interest.


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