Confused, what does she wants?

This girl is my co worker who was the hotty of the company, joined last year Dec and we hit it very well, till even colleagues think we are dating. At that point , i had a major crush on her , i bought her a bracelet for Christmas expecting nothing back because she was going through a 10 years relationship break up... wanted to cheer her up, prepared a mini surprised birthday advance, and then i realized that she only communicates during work timing... and she told me that she was seeing someone new and she said tt it was just for a buffering period and thank me for being a friend.. so trying to move on i started nt really talking to her much Anymore as it hurts.. in tt process she kept looking at me whenever i walk pass her.. and recently massaged me asking why i was looking gloomy and stuff. . . I wld think that she knows i do hve something for her but yet agn why is she being so nice at the same time? Im going insane thinking was it wise to move on and feelings inside are getting crazy mix up... Please help ! What shld i do?


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  • She wants to be friends


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