Sooo why can't I find a boyfriend?

im more of the tough girl , i wear jeans, i love sneakers, my daily make up routine is about 3 minutes, i hardly ever wear skirts, i mountainbike, my hair is curly, i dont diet, im not spoiled, i like to just sit on my couch on my laptop, im a fan of ponytails, i love food, i exercise a lot, i am frugal, im smart, im an adrenaline junkie, i drink protein shakes, i give a lot of myself to others- my time and energy, i could be more selfish but im not, i feel sorry for others and i try to help the etc., i have a hard time saying no, im happy, im cordial to everyone even if someone confronts me, i love my life,

am i doing something wrong here? it seems like all guys go for the girl who wears those small little outfits, a pound of make up, and is just spoiled and demanding... like i get that men are visual creatures but most of the time those girls are self absorbed and cocky

whats up?


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  • I think it's more that you are intimidating to them, because you can do exactly what they can do, and probably better. You just need to find a guy who is manly enough to date a chick that can do stuff just as much as he can. Guys tend to try and be all macho and they want someone that they can easily impress with petty stuff, which "girly girls" can't do. You need to find someone who is actually macho enough to appreciate how badass you can be. And that he can be able to do stuff with you, and let you feel like you belong.

    • thank you so much! haha i dont really care though i just hate it when i seee guys chase those girls and they aren't even interested because they play games and then its like no one considers me as a girlfriend because i kinda do all of the stuff guys do... thank you!

    • No problem, I know what you mean I am not a girly girl, and a lot of guys don't seem interested and it is probably because I would be the girl to go and do stupid stuff along with them while the other girls watch. I have had guys I KNOW had crushes on me but didn't do anything about it. There are probably guys crushing that just won't say anything. They didn't say anything but I was told they liked me, so its probably just intimidating for them to date someone that can be so similar.

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  • Not putting you self in the girly girls 'uniform' may have the effect of removing you from consideration as a potential girlfriend.

    Whenever one of these girly girls suffers a bad breakup and then wants to signal to the world that she is swearing off men (for now anyway) she does so by dressing like... you.

    Off comes the makeup.
    On go the sweat pants and baggy shirts.
    High heels get swapped for sneakers.
    and on, and on, and on...

    It is perfectly reasonable that you can have a boyfriend and dress the way you do. It is also perfectly reasonable that the guys you are interested in may have absolutely no idea you are wanting their attention. Consequently, you may have to do at least some of the initial pursuit yourself.

    • i dont think i understand yet because I've never been in a relationship but that is definitely an interesting point of view... i just find it funnny picturing me in a dress or whatever. i like heals but its impractical and make up is just too much trouble some mornings. haha im not even looking for attention i just really dont get why men chase women who play games all the time vs someone who is just nice and simple.

    • thank you very much by the way

    • Your welcome.

      I'm not telling you to change the way you present yourself. I'm just letting you know that guys are predisposed to seeing you as a friend, not a girlfriend.

      Yours is the exact opposite of the problem had by a well dressed woman who is constantly getting hit on even though she is showing no signs of being interested.

      Since you are not advertising through the clothing and makeup you wear, you have to compensate by being more forward in pursuing a man you are interested in.

      As for why men chase these women you speak of, it's because the way they present themselves (including how they dress) says "Come chase me!"

  • You're doing nothing wrong, you're just being unlucky.

  • Where do I sign up?

  • You sound freakin awesome.

    Also, what kind of personality do you have? Are you shy, can you approach people easily?
    (Also, you kind of sound like a bro, if you get what I mean)

    • outgoing, calm, fun, not really crazy im more chill and low key. haha thanks bro

  • Love comes when you least expect it


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  • No worries! I never had one either. Just try telling your crush you like him! Be outgoing! Make conversations with more guys you like! Be yourself, don't change yourself!