Help... love quadrilateral lol?

there's 4 names in this story Olivia ambre britney And issak. get ready okay so issak is a new kid well not super new but I like him.. well he called ambre (bbestfriend) hot. And she dont like him. Britney (oother bestfriend) likes him. But no one knows I like him... wwhat should I do I mean he is just like my bestfriend and I catch him staring at me during class. What should I do. Does he like me.


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  • It not even love...

    Just because he call a ambre hot doesn't mean he like or even love her. Just becase he stare at you something doesn't mean he like or love you.

    It not a love anything. There no shape. The only surefire way to know is if he approach any of you and ask you out.


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  • This is hard because there is girl code where you don't get together with your friends crushes. But I don't know.

    • I knew it! So that's why no girls will date me!!

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    • I totally wasn't trying to be offensive just an FYI. and your welcome

    • If it were a couple of guys after a girl, I think the guys would be sensible enough to be happy for there friend if at least one of them is liked by the said crush.

      So I would say you need to both admit you like him and then say may whoever he likes win, because chances are he will only like one of you, or neither of you.