Is she testing me with this pic?

this girl im dating sends me a pic of her after a workout and no make up on and you can tell the difference between her looks with and without makeup, to me she not ugly I still think she looks good but their is a noticeable difference. so why would she send me that pic is it to test my reaction about how I feel she looks, do you girls do that to test guys? help me out ladies


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  • Maybe she just felt really confident at that moment. I send my friends funny post-workout pictures because I just feel so great after being at the gym for a few hours. Maybe next time you guys could go together (: It's an easy way to get more time with her...

    • I told her I think she looks good and she replied with "Really?" lol she works out at home and I can't go over their yet when her daughter is home

    • Awe :/ Well maybe if she's into fitness, she'd want to go to an indoor rock climbing gym one time. I really like that, but that's my personal opinion haha But also maybe the picture was just her way of hinting to you that she has a really nice, fit body lol

    • haha yea. it was just a close up face pic. she has a decent body tho lol

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