Should I date her, and does she even want to date?

me and this girl met up through best friends and at a party we got very close to having sex but i said i wouldn't because she was drunk and i wasn't, so we decided to hang out the next Friday and ended up having sex that night and she spent the night. the day after i had a small party with all my best friends and thier girlfriends who are also best friends with this girl and once again she spent the night and we had sex again. but ime moving about a days drive away within a year and a half and i do like her but i dont know if i should date her because of me moving and i don't even know what she wants out of all this haha im just lost :p im 18


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  • First of all VERY gentle of you not to have sex with her cause she┬┤s drunk. That shows you really care and she will love you for that! Distance should not be a problem if you both really wanna go for it and put efford in it! The best way to find out if she can do it is to date her as much as possible until you leave and then she if you both wanna survive the distance! Whatsapp, Skype, Facetime and stuff like that will help you trough it! (speaking from experience)


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  • distance causes problems. talk to her :P


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