What do I do in this situation?

Ok so I really need help.. I met this girl like a year ago at a party and followed her on Twitter/ she followed back... She eventually got a job at the warehouse I work at and I would see her sometimes and shed see me but we never talked and she quit a couple months ago. The reason we never really talked tho is because I felt kinda embarrassed because the girl had a tumblr on her Twitter bio and I wetn on it and messaged her anonymously saying she was cute etc etc... I told her who I was on her tumblr and she said i should say hi to her when I see her but I was too shh and embarrassed I don't know why.. For some reason I realy can't get this girl off of my mind and it's been over a year... I Don't know what to do though because of how the situation is already like it's weird.. I'm 19 good looking but I'm terrible with girls.. Haven't had a girlfriend since 8th grade and don't know how to really introduce myself to woman... Once I get comforatble I'm funny and really like able it's just I'm nervous but I can't get this girl off my mind I want to dm her and ask her out but I don't know what to say or do...


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  • Most of the girls don't like guys who are very shy and insecure. When you make the first step and ask a girl to go out with you that means a lot for her, she will know that you are interested in her, but in your situation if you don't do something about it she will never know that you like her. So, if you have been thinking of this girl a very long time, you should really go for it and ask her out, and don't be so nervous about it, you have nothing to lose. If you want something to happen then just do it, you won't regret it. You could just come to her and say that you have been thinking for a while and that you decided to ask her to go out with you because you would really like to know her better.


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