Can I make it special?

I just feel like I'm boring him.. Because I'm getting a little bored myself. We never do anything fun except go to his house every weekend and sleep together. Every plan we try and work out fails. I'm not as excited as I was. And I don't wanna just give up on him i guess cause I do care about him...
But I'm completely clueless on how to make things exciting and for him to think I'm worth something
We haven't been seeing each other for long and we have had sex a little too soon I suppose (not that it may have anything to do with it)
Advice? is it a lost cause?


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  • What does he do to make it more exciting?

    • Not a lot I guess. Though he says his never actually dated a girl before

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    • I'm turning 18 his turning 17.. Aha
      Pretty young I suppose

    • my advice is take it slow

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