Guys dream girl?

What makes a girl unusual and unique? Someone you can't get enough of? How to be a guys dream girl?


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  • 5 years ago I could have given you a great answer. My dream girl has X personality. My dream girl has Y looks. My dream girl makes killer almond flour pancakes. My dream girl has it all.

    But as my memories fade and scenery changes, so did she.

    But how? Why? She's my dream girl! She's all I could ever want!

    My mind was not so calculated or meticulous in molding my precient desires. Dream girl was never a dream. She was a girl in flesh and bone, and I wanted her. I never chased what wasn't real. I only hoped that we would meet again.

    Dont expect to fit her mold because you won't. You're not her. You're you, and you are a boy's dream girl. He's just too busy dreaming.


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