Ladies, where and how would you like to be approached?

I have some questions about approaching girls:

1. Where would like to approached? In the club or walking the street for example.
2. Should a guy wait for eye contact before approaching?
3. Should a guy tell immediately that he is into you or just have a conversation with you?
4 Should a guy give you his number or should he ask for yours?


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  • 1. Pretty much anywhere unless I seem very rushed. Grocery store, gym, out for drinks.
    2. No. I will often make eye contact so that you're aware, but most of the time I've checked you out when you're not looking.
    3. 50/50 on this one. I think it's more OK to state your interest immediately at a bar or more social setting. In public, it can be different. I'm usually always flattered if a guy tells me he thinks I'm attractive though (in a non-creepy way).
    4. Always ask for mine. I will never contact you first.


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  • Well I speak for my type: appear uptight but I am a lot of fun and I know this cause every guy in my life says so and girls too..

    with that said...
    1. anywhere is fine as long as you won't draw unnecessary attention to me. It should just be within reason. And respecful but casual at the same time.
    2. Yeah eye contact is fine... You might catch me on a good day where I'll look back. Sometimes I won't look back but not cause I dont like what I see. Might be a shy day... Or maybe I just don't like what I see. Come find out at own risk.
    3. well id say dont tell me cause I may reject you out of panic. So take it slow. I think the girl would see your intentions in your body language and approach.
    4. To be safe just ask to exchange maybe? That one is up to u.

    good luck!

    • Thanks for the input.

      Reject a guy out of panic. Out of interest. Can you tell me more about this? Can this be even with a guy you find really attractive.

    • Well I am a strange girl. And I've done it before. Saw a guy n I thought I wanna eat him now! He walks behind me for a while, as I turned the corner he called me and asked me for my number. I turned and shook my head as if to say "you silly man" and that was it... Kinda regret it to this day but I'd probably do it again. I'm just weird like that and I never know what to say or how to act

  • 1. While in the school library or coffee shop
    2. It really doesn't matter
    3. Stick to friendship first. I hate giving my number out straight up. I've done this many times before and the dude always turns out to be a bit obsessive and stalkerish
    4. Some guys actually give me their numbers but I admit... I never call them unless I'm really into him. Just wait on the number thing

    • Thank you for your time.

      You mentioned hating giving up your number straight away. I'd like to suggest the following situation. A guy you find attractive walks up to you. He seems trustworthy but he has very little time to really talk because he has to be at work. Would you give your number? And how long would be the minimum amount of time spent on a conversation before you give your number?

    • Wow that dude called me an attention whore for no reason. See what I mean... Its very hard to be nice to people. Even if the guy was attractive, I still feel that we should talk a good while before i just give him my number.

  • I don't mind being approached in just about any setting. If I smile and hold eye contact for a few seconds, chances are I'm interested. Having a covo. even if it's brief, is a good idea before wxpressing interest or askung for numbers... just my opinion.


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  • I'll talk about my experience only.
    So you should consider that this is for a guy like me approaching girls like the ones I do. And mostly for the age gap between 25 and 35.

    Before anything else, don't approach if she's obviously in a hurry.

    1. Doesn't matter. Just consider that if it's a casual environment, coffee, library, etc. you should approach more casually, if it's a party, club, etc. you should approach more directly. In doubt never go too strong, don't rush things.
    2. No, you shouldn't. If it happened already great. Go right now. Don't wait.
    3. There's no need to tell. For real. Just start a convo. I myself only do say that "I'm into" if she's clearly confused about what's going on. Most of them do know it without you saying anything. Don't rush the convo for the phone number, try to check out just a little bit if she's what you are looking for. Nothing too deep.
    4. Ask if she has her phone with her right now. Then ask for her number. Text in front of her something short like "Hey, it's Brian, save my contact". If she had her phone, smile and say something like "You might wanna check your phone now."
    If she didn't, show the text to her and smile when she looks back at you.

    You didn't asked, but afterwards, you do initiate contact. You don't wait for her to contact you. Also don't wait for 2-3 days as some people say, that's bull.
    You are interested. You did approach. You did ask her number. Why the hell now you want to pretend something different? Be congruent.

    Actually, that's the best advice I gave you in this entire comment.

    Be congruent. If you are bitter, be bitter, not rude. Sarcasm does wonders.
    Don't pretend to be more interested than you are, you don't know her yet. Don't say something serious while being all smiley. Don't make something silly (like that text when you ask for her number) without smiling. Be congruent and honest. Women appreciate that. And that's also being honest with yourself.

    Reached the size limit lol
    Good luck

    • Damn that limit :)
      Very well explained and very helpful. I think that I (and probably lots of other guys) have become very confused about what to do. You hear this one day and you hear the opposite the next. And I think confusion makes you less congruent. Being in the moment is what gets lost.

  • 1. "Hello. I couldn't help but notice you are wildly attractive to me. I would like to get to know you."

    2. No. Take her by surprise!

    3. Tell her immediately!

    4. Tell her your number! If she never calls it's better than if she gives you a fake number!