How much time should I wait before I invite her on a date?

I have seen that girl at my workplace not even a week ago and I have started talking to her on Facebook. Since then we have had good long convos over FB, but I want to do more with her, when would be the right time to invite her, and girls what original places would you like to be taken to on a first date?


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  • Don't wait! Someone else could ask while you're waiting. If you like her go for it, what really do you have to loose? You've just met her. :)
    If she's talking to you she at least likes you as a friend.
    I wouldn't go all out on the first date. Be traditional, show your intentions clearly. Then on the second date do something fun.
    Take her out to dinner, pick her up, pay for dinner, show her you're serious and that you value her time and being with her.
    On the second date you could take get indoor sky diving or something silly and fun to give you guys something to talk about and bond over a shared experience


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