What are my chances?

So, I was in a houseparty on Saturday with this girl I met around 2 months ago, we have also partied and drank together back then when we met (mutual friend introduced us). I didn't speak with her until this Saturday. On the houseparty a few days ago we attuned to each other and had kisses. On Sunday I wrote to her she was cute and it's a shame we meet so rarely. She told me I was cute too and it's sure we meet again. I've asked her if she wants to meet me again, she said yes.

On Monday evening I saw her online on Facebook chat but didn't contact her to avoid looking too pushy. She is a very shy and lonely type of girl, does not hang too much on fb. Today (Tuesday) morning I wrote to her on fb chat asking if she wants to go out to eat pizza with me. Now it's evening, I remember seeing her online today a few times for a few minutes, but she didn't read my message until this moment.

I'm the kind of guy who hates to be ignored and when this happens, tends to go overthinking things.


- Maybe she wanted me to write to her yesterday and now she is having some kind of ignoring "revenge"? Or is my pace too fast for her? I don't really know how to approach a shy, faint-hearted girl.

- What should I do if she won't read the message even tomorrow? Should I try to contact her again somehow or should I just wait even more?

- And most importantly: What are my chances?

I know it's possible for her not even noticing my message, but I don't think it's the reason this time. I'm impatient, as I really like her and want to go out with her.

Still haven't read the message. Any more opinions?


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  • Ask her out, and be more forceful. Tell her that you want to date her, and see if she will become your girlfriend.

    If not, or if she "beats around the bush", then dump her ass right there and then, keep on moving and look for another one. You'll save yourself a lot of trouble.

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