Not sure what to do. Does anyone have any ideas?

I'm in love with my ex. I never moved on but she did fairly fast. I'm thinking about leaving town but am unsure what to do. It's like torture its hard to sleep or eat anymore. I have no friends or family to talk to and I dont know if I could tell her how I feel.

Any ideas?
Anything. And everything helps.

Thanks for the help and the ideas it's just so hard after being together for four years and then just nothing.. I hope things also get better for you too sandrino


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  • Well... Ii know im young to maybe even answer , But I think that the best thing is to go and have a talk with her , at least like that u would let ur feelings be released... tell her what u feel and listen to what she has to say coz maybe she didn't REALLY move on ! Maybe she still feels something towards you ! Even if u move from town, That wouldn't solve the whole problem, Coz that thing is in ur heart so if u dont let ur feels go out , It might stay there for a long time... I really hope things will be fixed Between u guys.. Good luck :) I hope I helped even if a bit :)

    • Thanks I might try that if I can work up the courage. It helped

    • Your're welcome, And good luck ! :)

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  • I am sorry to hear... try go to the gym go for a run, exercise everyday might help. For me, after difficult break up, I watch a lot of TV and soap operas, keeps my mind occupied. You could buy yourself some addictive video games? It takes practice, to slowly fill the void in your life with stuff, then you will think about her less.

    • Ok thanks for the ideas

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  • Im in your boat man and yes it hurts like a bitch. I made the mistake of staying friends with her and literally watched her move on with someone else. Its terrible. I dont know your situation, but if she moved on fairly quick, then it seems like she really wasn't interested. I know how it feels. Seems like girls all have backup guys to go to whenever their boyfriend breaks up with them. They can't stand to be alone. But anyways, i can honestly say that my life has completely changed ever since my ex cheated on me. I'm way different, and in a bad way. I just hope it gets better.

    Stay strong man, im right there with you.

  • Leave town.

    COME to California. It's better here. The women are also more diverse and plentiful here. If that doesn't help, then the knowledge that weed is legal here and is a legitimate stress-reliever should be reason enough to make the trip.

    • That idea does seem pretty appealing to me ha I'm just not sure if I could make a final move or if I just need a trip away to get my mind off things for a couple months

    • Come to California, build a new and better life for yourself. 10-20 years later, if you still want to move back home, then you'll be financially advantaged to do so. There's few other places worth living in in the US, if not California. The rest of the country just seems like one giant shithole in comparison.

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