Is dinner a bad idea for a date if you don't know much about someone?

This girl I went to High School with 10 years ago and I recently got in touch through FB. During High School we never spoke to one another though I always had an interest in her and suspected that she was interested in me. So on a whim yesterday I suggested we should get together some time reminisce about HS. Anyways she said definitely and gave me her phone number.

Normally when I go out with a girl for the first time I know enough about her to craft a first date around something interesting she told me. But with this girl we've not talked much so I know close to nothing. Furthermore the word date was never used when asking her out so I'm concerned about giving her the wrong idea if she thought it was just catching up with someone from HS. Is dinner an acceptable choice to meet up? I was thinking of a pizza and wine bar that's downtown. I figure its the best of both worlds... casual meal over a non casual drink. My other thought was wine tasting but that is in a really fancy place and I thought it might be too much. Any thoughts to help me out. (also I live in the mid-west so its freaking cold with no snow which limits possible ideas I can come up with for the winter) Thanks for the help!!


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  • Sounds good to me. You could go to a coffee shop afterwards, get something warm to drink if it is really cold. Or go grab dessert some where else. Supposedly if you get something sweet at the end of a date, it up the chance of a 2nd date because it leaves sweet taste in your mouth, literally.

    • That's interesting! I'd never heard about the eating sweets afterwards deal. Thanks for the suggestion!

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  • Well.. maybe you can get to know her.. ask her about her favorite places to go..(asking questions show that you are interested) be a bit spontaneous.. maybe an inside ice rink? Or late night desert if you wana keep things simple but romantic... as for the dinner that would be great too.. but you gotta make sure the atmosphere is good.. if its rowdy then :/ and if its too posh or too fancy then she may feel out of place

  • I think your idea is a good one :) Everyone loves pizza and every chick loves wine! lol


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